• Contoured Neofleece® Face Piece
• Face Mask and Neck scarf in one
• Velcro Closure • Magnetic seams so face snaps into place
• 4-way stretch
• Seirus® exclusive Dynamax™
• Heatwave™ Carbon
• Certified non-toxic Neoprene

Free your face while protecting your nose and cheeks. With the Bandit series of the revolutionary Seirus® Magnemask™ you get all the freedom of magnetic face protection AND permanent coverage for those most overlooked areas. A thin, contoured Neoprene panel fits over the nose and creates a perfect integration with your goggles so snow, wind, and sun are kept out while breath is redirected down and away from the face to help prevent fogging. The Heatwave™ face piece attaches under the eyes with a pair of magnets, so you can free your face and re-cover it in a snap. With a velcro closure the Magnemask™ Combo Scarf is as easy to put on as it is warm. The revolutionary dual heating system found in the Heatwave™ lining reflects and amplifies your body’s heat to produce that warm cozy feeling we all look for. Recommended for: Those who want adaptability in their on-mountain cold weather adventures (skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, etc).


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