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The Brahma 82 is the perfect ski for people who just landed in the ski resort destination of their dreams. Versatility, quickness, edge grip and precision are the hallmarks of the Brahma 82, a narrower installment in the all-mountain freeride family. The Brahma 82sp are the go-to ski on days when the cold temps and dry spells make for firm snow conditions—which, in many places across the globe, is every day. A sidecut specifically designed to make big and small turns alike and a reduced rocker profile make them easy to ski, while the proven Carbon Flipcore Technology with two sheets of metal smooths the ride and grips hard snow. Winter's chill can be fierce, but it doesn't have to keep you inside. The Brahma 82sp are perfect for customers who want to ski today, and tomorrow and the day after that, too.
SKU: 8A0110BB001|BRAHMA 82 SP|159CM

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