$599.96 $749.95

As skiers improve, they have traditionally moved to wider-waisted, more "advanced" skis, but the reality is that the best platform for ski performance on groomed snow is a narrow one. Witness World Cup skiers, who normally use 65mm skis day in and day out. Enter the Blizzard Thunderbird line, which gives you a premium quality ride in a narrow shape. The Blizzard Thunderbird Sport Ca Skis + TPC 11 Bindings are a mid-range offering in this new series, aimed at skiers who've moved well beyond the beginner stage but who ski mostly on groomed snow. If this sounds like your style, the Thunderbird Sport CA is the way to get "better" not just "wider."


  • - Sandwich Compound Sidewall (2Ti)
  • - Trueblend Woodcore Piste
  • - Active Carbon Armor
  • - Carbon Spine
  • - Duramax Construction

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