Mid-calf leather boot with curly shearling collar and tongue. Rounded toe. Tonal front-lace closure with ankle wrap. Lightweight polyurethane cushion outsole with contrast stripe.

  • Always Waterproof
  • Temperature rated -24°C/-11°F
  • Polar Plush Lining
  • Removeable molded foam insole
  • Anti-slip TPR outsole
  • Available in Black and Draft
  • Real shearling

    The Verity is made with genuine shearling leather throughout the collar and tongue of the boot.

    Shearling is the perfect material for cold weather. The natural crimp of the sheep's wool creates insulating air spaces that retain body heat.

    It's renowned for its softness, breathability and moisture-wicking properties that keep your body temperature regulated regardless of temperature fluctuations in the environment.


    Always Waterproof

    We treat all our leathers and suedes early in the tanning process, before the boot is assembled.

    The treatment permanently closes all the pores in the leather hides, which adds an extra layer of protection for your feet.

    This means that you don't have to add any waterproofing sprays or conditioners to the leather.

    Our waterproofing process also protects your boots from stains – just wipe the leather down with a clean damp cloth.


    Lightweight outsoles

    To make a lighter boot, we use a double compound outsole construction. The bottom of the outsole is a compound rubber strip for better traction and grip. The top of the outsole is white poly-eurothane, a lightweight and flexible material that doesn’t crease easily.

    Mixing these three materials gives you the lightness and comfort of a sneaker with the durability and grip of a rubber boot.


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