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Oakley Ski Goggles Flight Deck OO7050-20 Matt Black Prizm Sapphire Iridium are the latest innovation in ski goggles from Oakley with a large rimless lens design which gives an unbelievably good view in all directions. They feature a ridgelock lens sub-frame attachment to allow lenses to be changed quickly and easily and small frame notches under the strap anchors allow space for normal glasses. Support is given for better airflow and the sleek frame and outrigger design is comfortable and helmet compatible.Oakley Sunglasses, easily the most recognised optical brand in the world for sheer quality and character. The amazing Oakley sunglasses range continues to push the boundaries of precision eyewear and remain synonymous with top sportsmen and the latest high street fashions; the precise co-ordination between the lens and the human eye offers clarity across the entire lens whilst frame design and lens colours protect and style with true definition.

SKU: OO705020

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