Plenty of protection with a low profile design is what the Pret Cynic X Helmet is all about. One of a kind styling that has a rubber exterior shell, super clean look and none of the bulk. MIPS wraps your skull with the highest level of protection available. The interior membrane has the ability to absorb more of an impact resulting in less distortion to your brain. Saving your brain is probably one of the most important things you can do throughout life. Shredding down an icy mountain is no time to put your dome on the back burner. An awesome option for backcountry enthusiasts, the Cycnic X is light and has a Recco detector. The more Recco you have on your kit the chances of you being found in an avalanche go way up. The Pret Cynic X Helmet is awesome for every kind of shredder, it offers awesome protection, is decked out with features, and it looks awesome! TLDR: A sick helmet that offers a low profile design, MIPS, and is lightweight. Ulitmate combination of performance and safety.

Head Circumference (in cm) 47-51 51-55 55-59 59-62 62-65

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