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The Rome Flare Snowboard Bindings are a fiery blend of performance and style for elegant riding and progression-friendly shredding. A true showcase of Rome s expert craftsmanship, the Flare features an Asym Flare Highback to fit the exact specifications of women's calves and an EVA base pad to keep things comfortable while getting in your turns and cushioning landings. With a customizable fit in both the highback and base, the Flare is the comfort-driven all-around binder that's suitable for every rider.


Flex Rating  7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


AsymWrap Technology  The flex comes before the pop in this platform. With three points of heel hoop connection and Rome's UnderWrap concept at a single point on the medial side of the toe, the AsymWrap platform focuses on a smooth, flexible feel. This technology is for riders who like to surf freeride terrain and folks who like to tweak and play on freestyle features.

Tool-Free InBase Pad with 1.5 Degree Canting

EVA SubBase Pad


Full Highback Rotation  Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so it aligns with the heel edge of their board. Being able to adjust the highback provides better power transfer, more tweakability and proper edge hold.

Women's Asym Flare Highback  Built like the Crux for everyday heelside power, this model is sculpted to fit and flex for women riders.

Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster


Minimist Ankle Strap  The Minimist ankle strap has a smooth, consistent flex and a very light weight.

Multiple Strap Positions  Every Rome binding comes with 3 or more strap positions so you can customize the level of strap support you want.

Minimist Toe Strap  Sleek, minimal one piece design snugly wraps the boot toe for smooth flexing control.

Additional Features

AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop


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