The Katana is a lightweight, hyper-responsive, game changer of a binding. Built on the surfy and playful AsymWrap platform and the locked-in hold of the AuxTech® strap package, the Katana is pure all-mountain performance. A team rider and in-house favorite, the Katana is cult classic thanks to the next level adjustability of PivotMount Max and its freakishly lightweight design.

  • AsymWrap is our surfy yet responsive binding platform, designed for maximum board feel and tweakability
  • PivotMount Max for advanced customization, allowing riders to adjust where their ankle strap sits
  • ProFlex Ankle Straps powered by AuxTech® for advanced hold, energy transfer and snug comfort
  • DuraCush™ in the SubBase pads and footbeds for premium impact absorption

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