The new Salomon Stage Gripwalk 11 Ski Bindings are aimed at lighter and younger skiers who sometimes have trouble stepping in simply because of body weight. With its best-in-class weight of only 860 grams per side, ultra-easy actuation (stepping in with a foot of powder is a snap), and a super short footprint to allow more natural ski flex, the Stage GW 11 is a clear winner for lighter women and tweens.

Automatic Wing and Toe Height Adjustment

Walk Pedal

Heel Piece

Back-Rollers Technology  2 rollers help stepping-in by accompanying the vertical movement, avoiding friction and resistance.

Polyamide Heel Housing  Polyamide with glass fiber is lightweight, durable and can be painted any color.

Polyoxymethylene (POM) Rollers  Lightweight and low friction

Additional Features

Allows Ski to Flex Naturally  The ultra short footprint of the toe and heel base plates means the ski is allowed to flex more naturally.

Shorter Mounting Footprint  Shorter base plates at both the toe and heel allow the ski to flex more naturally.

Easy Step In  Designed with a lower step-in threshold, this binding makes it easier to step in for lightweight skier, even in powder conditions.

  • DIN / Release Value Low:3.5
  • DIN / Release Value High:11
  • Boot Sole Type:Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), GripWalk
  • Warranty:2 Years
SKU: L41464000

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