The all-new Stockli Montero AR replaces the Laser AR for the 22/23 season. This ski promises versatility on groomers, slush, and chop. This playful do-it-all ski uses wave-shaped slits in the Titanal, plus rocker at the tip and tail for easier handling and stable, mid to long-radius turns. 

Featuring a slightly wider waist width at 84mm, the athletic Montero AR is more all-mountain oriented while maintaining its 5-star qualities on-piste. This ski is best for someone who spends the majority of their time carving beautiful turns on the groomers, but still wants to push the skis onto more variable terrain for exploration. The addition of flex torsion control ensures an incredibly smooth ride with seamless transitions. Since torsion rigidity is adjusted based on the vibration, you get the precise flexibility you want in every snow condition. 

  • Adaptive contact length 
  • Full edge contact
  • Light core
  • Solid metal edge light
  • Tail rocker
  • Flex torsion control 
  • Base bevel 1.5
  • Side bevel 2.0

Dimensions at all lengths: 128/84/114

Turn Radius: 15.2 at 170, 16.3 at 175, 17.3 at 180

This ski comes with the Stockli Strive 13D blue plate/binding system 

SKU: 41051324|MONTERO AR|170CM

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