This ski is especially well suited for the entire mountain, with the saying: Come what may. Both groomed slopes and backcountry terrain are child’s play for the Montero AR. The chatter-free smoothness of the Laser GS paired with the playful, versatile feel of the Montero AX distinguish this athletic all-mountain ski. And with its new waist of 84 mm, it knows how to show its stuff in fluffy powder. With this ski, you can turn the mountain into your personal playground.

The Stockli Montero AR Skis is well suited for the entire mountain. Excelling both on and off piste, at the ski area or out in the side country, the Montero AR is a new breed of ski. The chatter free smoothness of the Laser GS ski paired with the playful, versatile feel of the Montero AX is what really distinguishes this athletic all-mountain ski from other mid-80's width skis in its category. With a waist width of 84- millimeters under the boot, it has enough platform to float in fluffy powder, rip groomers and ski the bumps. A full wood core along with two sheets of metal really give this ski a smooth and powerful feel. While the metal certainly adds a great deal of stiffness to the ski overall, there are slits cut in the metal out in the tip and tail which allow for more torsional flex in those portions of the ski to provide a tremendously smooth entry and exit to the turn along with a bit of forgiveness as well. This is called Flex Torsion Control technology. A generous side cut attributed to a larger shovel gives you a true tip to tail carve which results in amazing edge hold on firm snow due to maximization of the ski's effective edge. Where this ski starts to diverge from a true carving ski is the fact that it uses tip and tail rocker. This helps keep the ski planning smoothly through choppy or inconsistent snow and makes the ski easier to handle in ungroomed terrain. The Stockli Montero AR is ready to tackle wherever you want to ski, whenever you want to do it.

  • Sidecut: 128/84/114 mm at 173 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 14 meters at 165 cm length
  • Full Sidewall Construction
  • All Mountain Rocker
  • Wood Core
  • Dual Titanal laminate
  • Adaptive Contact Length
  • Flex Torsion Control
  • Turtle Shell
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert Skiers


  • 165cm: 128 / 84 / 114 R14.2
  • 170cm: 128 / 84 / 114 R15.2
  • 175cm: 128 / 84 / 114 R16.3
  • 180cm: 128 / 84 / 114 R17.3
SKU: 41051325|MONTERO AR|170CM

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