Enjoy outdoor dining in your backyard with a beautifully crafted dining set. We carry a vast selection of styles and textures to choose from: modern and contemporary to rich and traditional. See below for many of our extensive selections. Each may come in a variety of frame finishes, fabrics and textures. Our design specialists can help you create exactly what you want.

Alfresco Cornwall Dining Set

Alfresco Penelope Dining Set

Seaside Casual Hip Dining

Winston Harper Dining Set

Barlow Tyrie Equinox Mercury Dining

Barlow Tyrie Mercury Dining

Barlow Tyrie Aura Counter Set

Barlow Tyrie Mercury Set

Klaussner Delray Dining Set

Telescope Bazza Sling Dining

Klaussner Delray Set

Life Sensa Dining Set

Klaussner Crossroad Counter Set

Klaussner Balcony Set

Kettler Elba Dining Set

Kingsley Bate Frances Dining Set

Kingsley Bate Marin Dining Set

Kingsley Bate St Tropez Dining Set

Kingsley Bate St Tropez Square Dining

Klaussner Crossroads

Life Sensa with Anabelle Table

Patio Renaissance Aspen Set

Patio Renaissance Copenhagen Set

Sister Bay Milano Set

Telescope Bazza Set

Telescope St Catherine Sling Set

Telescope Tribeca Sling Set

Agio Trenton Set

Urban Retreat Balcony Set

Urban Retreat Dining Set

Windward Design Kingston Set

Barlow Tyrie Aura Dining Set

Gensun Echelon Dining Chair & Fire Table

Gensun Echelon Balcony Set

Kingston Osborne Dining Set

Lloyd Flanders Teak Dining Set

Winston Truss Dining set

Alfresco Cornwall Dining Set