Huge Selection of Backyard Patio Umbrellas

Create colorful areas of shade in your backyard with our huge selection of umbrellas. We have all the possible styles, colors and sizes you could want. We carry free-standing cantilevers in sizes 11 and 13 ft round and 10 x 13 ft rectangle. Market umbrellas come in 7 1/2, 9 and 11 ft round and 8 x 11 ft rectangle. See below for some of our most popular selections. Each may come in a variety of finishes and fabrics. If you have questions, please contact us or visit one of our 5 locations in New Jersey!

Frankford Eclipse Cantilever

Frankford Eclipse Cantilever

Frankford Eclipse Cantilever


Treasure Garden 13ft Octagon Cantilever

Treasure Garden 10 x 13 Rectangle Cantilever

Bambrella Market

Bambrella Alize Pergola

Treasure Garden 7.5' Push Button Market

Treasure Garden 9' Push Button Tilt

Treasure Garden 9' Auto Tilt Market

Treasure Garden 11' Auto Tilt Market

Treasure Garden 8x11' Rectangle Market

Treasure Garden Luna with Bluetooth Speaker

Treasure Garden 35lb Steel Base

Treasure Garden 70lb Steel Base

Treasure Garden 50lb Cast Aluminum Base

Treasure Garden 100lb Cast Aluminum Monaco Base

Bambrella Levante Sidewind Parasol