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T h e  r e f e r e n c e  f o r  f r e e s t y l e  s k i  v e r s a t i l i t y

Meet the jack-of-all-trades, master of fun. With a slightly softer fl ex than previous
ARVs, the 94 is balanced to excel when buttering and pressing with plenty of
stability and pop to confi dently send it on the pro line. The ultralight Caruba
Core keeps weights low and is combined with an Ash binding insert and unique
w3Dgewall construction to maximize durability and create a better performing,
longer lasting ski. The AR Freestyle Rocker in the tips and tails virtually eliminates
hang ups on rutted out lips and landings while adding a touch of all-conditions
versatility for exploring the rest of the mountain. The ARV 94 is the multi-tool of
freestyle skis, ready for anything and built to last.

157            122     94           115      15.5 
164            122     94           116      16
171            122     94           117      16.5 
178            123     94           118      17 
185            124     94           119      17.5 


SKU: RA0000506|ARV 94|164CM

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