Let your children learn and enjoy snowboarding with Emsco Sports Products 110 cm (43 in.) Free-ride Snowboard. Made of a solid polyethylene construction, this children's step-in binding snowboard has a sturdy make-up and size that makes learning snowboarding a breeze. This products extreme durability and resilience are guaranteed. This snowboard is appropriate for young children and is perfect for entry-level snowboarding. Beginners will find the ergonomic design helpful in their quest to learn this exciting snow sport. This snowboard has step in bindings that are great for beginners and young children. Youngsters of all different sizes can simply step in, tighten down and practice basic technique and stance. This ensures safety and quick learning, as kids can step on or off the snowboard with ease. Additionally, the amazing surface of this board boasts a wild graphic that will ensure your board stands out from the rest. The contemporary design will enhance kids interest in the sport. The Supra Hero Snowboard can be used to practice beginner snowboarding techniques. It is user-friendly, so kids will be able to ride it without feeling any pressure. It allows children to familiarize themselves with the feel of being on a snowboard before taking it to the slopes. This is the perfect holiday gift for both girls and boys who are looking to try snowboarding. Parents who are looking for a functional toy snowboard should buy their kids ESPs Free-ride 110 cm. Snowboard today.
  • Ideal for beginner snowboarding this snowboard is appropriate for children ages 5-years to 15-years weight limit is up to 95 lbs.
  • Solid, quality construction made of a solid polyethylene construction, this kids snowboard showcases excellent workmanship
  • Adjustable bindings this snowboard has step-in bindings that are adjustable for children of all ages
  • Cool and stylish graphics the amazing surface of this board boasts hip and trendy designs
SKU: 1069

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