Introducing the world’s most advanced compact oven. Arc brings Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside. An innovative lateral rolling flame and revolutionary burner replicates the flame of traditional wood-fired ovens, distributing heat evenly and consistently—so you can spend less time turning pizza and more time making memories. Plus, Arc’s intuitive flame control makes it easy to create restaurant-quality 14” pizza in 60s or less, making it the go-to for our world-famous Pizza Collective. With Arc you can create epic pizza, in your perfect outdoor cooking space, easier than ever before.

Oven external dimensions: Width 480mm (18.9") x Depth 564mm (22.2") x Height 342mm (13.5")

Oven internal dimensions: Width 377mm (14.8”) x Depth 462mm (18.1”) x Height 173mm (6.8”) 

Door Size: Width 377mm (14.8”) x Height 95mm (3.74”)  

Weight: 21.5 Kg/47.5 Ibs  (28kg/60lbs in packaging) 

Packaging dimensions: Width 536mm (21.2")  x Depth 402mm (15.9") x Height 643mm (25.3")

  • Arc’s flame is easy to see and adjust with the precision temperature gauge, thoughtfully designed controls, and intuitive rolling yellow flame.