Grabber Hand Warmers are trusted my millions of customers to keep hands warm!Grabber Instant Hand Warmers will keep your hands toasty warm in all weather conditions. Guaranteed to activate quickly for soothing warmth and comfort. Portable heat in the palm of your hand! Air-activated Grabber Hand Warmers keep hands and fingers toasty for up to 10 hours. No shaking or kneading required; just open the package and put the "Original" Warmers in your glove or pocket for a few minutes to start the process.
  • Contains 2 Warmers per Package!
  • Up to 10 Hours of Warmth
  • Average Temperature 135\xC1F
  • Made with environmentally safe, non-toxic materials
  • Individual Product Size: 3.5"x 2". (fits in gloves!)

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