A harness that combines a kids backpack for your young student and a retractable leash for the instructor.

The first and only harness that was designed specifically for snowboarding but also works great for skiing.


A small backpack 10”H x 8”W x 2”D

A retractable leash that extended 16ft with bungees.

Removable and adjustable Seat Harness offering extra support for your little one.

Tested and approved by CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors)

 Max weight 50LBS


MDXONE “OX” has a 16 feet retractable red tape/cord with two 12” bungee cords at the end to connect to the Backpack/harness attachment points.

  • With the retractable leash, you can now decide the distance between you and your student with a simple push on the stop/release button with your thumb.

  • Let your child go on his/her own. Press the stop button to slow him/her down, prevent a front edge or make them turn.

  • When hitting the stop button, the bungee cord will extend slowly which will not cause a jarring effect on the student. No more playing human yo-yo with your child.

  • There’s no lock button on the leash, only a stop button.



  • MDXONE “OX” is a small backpack/ 5 points harness (10”H x 9”W x 2”D)

  • Optional/removable seat harness for extra support, especially for the little ones

  • Three attaching points for the Leash.

  • Chest and waist adjustable straps

  • Chest and waist adjustable straps.



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