Shell: Quilted Nylon / Fleece
Palm: Silicone Printed with Soundtouch™
Features: Women's specific Form-fit, slim gauntlet, silicone grip print at palm

Soft, stylish, and most importantly - warm. The Heatwave™ Sierra™ glove is the perfect daily driver for keeping your hands toasty as you go about your winter. Amazing grip and dexterity mean you won't even notice your hands are covered, and it's engineered for a women's specific fit.

The revolutionary dual heating system found in the Heatwave™ lining reflects and amplifies your body’s heat to produce that warm cozy feeling we all look for in a glove. Reflective Heat, Amplified. Thermal Reflective stage - up to 20% warmer. Kinetic stage - Amplifies Temperature 4-5°.

Recommended for: general cold weather use, street wear/commuting


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