Rasta: Got Bob Marley blaring in your ears while you ride? We've got a rasta 4 pack just for you! The four piece bindings are a mix of our red, yellow and green WT-66 components. No woman, no cry!

Shotz designed boot logos include a Rasta colored peace sign, Bob Marley, the Rasta Lion, and a Rasta ShotzSki logo.

USA: When you want to represent your red, white and blues! The four piece bindings are a mix of our red, white and blue WT-66 components, made, you guessed it, right here in the USA!

Red, white and blue themed graphics are featured on the boots - think "Make Skiing Great Again" and others.

The “Self-Install” is perfect if you already have the perfect ski and know how to handle a file and drill! Pick out the Shotz binding colors, and if you prefer colored skill levels on the side of each boot. Each order comes with installation instructions, and screws. Figure 1 – 2 hours to detune your ski and install the system!

Shipping normally within 24 hours.

Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6"


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