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The Montero AX Ski with Strive 13D Bindings from Stockli is a workhorse on the frontside. It's quite nimble, and more than anything it will love snappy, short to medium turns. It's also wide enough to provide plenty of stability, and features slits in the Titanal for a playful ride that doesn't forgo power. When you factor in the rocker at the tip, you're left with a ski that has the ability to take on a variety of snow conditions with ease. It's adaptable, playful, and more than ready to get serious when the time is right. Those looking to make the best of every day, regardless of Mother Nature's wishes, will find plenty of help in the Montero AX and Stive 13D system from Stockli. 


  • Adaptive Contact Length - The greater the edge angle, the greater the amount of edge in contact with the snow, and that results in more grip and stability in turns. The playful feel remains without needing to forgo stability.
  • Full Edge Contact - The ski is wider at the tip. This makes turn initiation both faster and easier, while enhancing grip thanks to more edge contact.
  • Light Core - Special wood types are used for all-mountain, freeride, and touring models.
  • SME Light - The same edge thickness as the SME (Solid Metal Edge). The edge is not as thickly built into the ski and is pressed differently.
  • Tail Rocker - A longer rocker at the tail with a flatter radius.
  • Rocker - The longer curvature of the shovel, called rocker technology, is specially adapted for each ski model.
  • Flex Torsion Control - Special cut-outs both crosswise and lengthwise ensure the ski front and back is softer when it comes to flex and torsion. In this way the ski can on the one hand flex more easily which makes steering into turns easier. On the other hand one can always maintain control of the ski in transitions since the ski’s torsion remains adaptable.


  • Ski Terrain: Frontside
  • Skill Range: Advanced - Expert
  • Profile: Rocker (Tip Rocker/ Camber)
  • Construction: Sidewall
  • Core: Light Core
  • Laminates: Metal
  • Tail Type: Flared
  • Weight: 3840 g/pair (173)
  • Binding: Stockli Strive 13D
  • DIN Range: 4.5-13
  • Boot Sole Compatibility: Alpine DIN, GripWalk
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Model Year: 2024

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