New 2021 Edge Tool Upgraded Kit: Swix North Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit Mass Transit comes with a deluxe case that holds the iron and all the tools.

  • Large case with zipper and handle
  • 110V-USA model iron adjustable temperature 850 W
  • Edge sharpening tool (Side Only: 88 and 87 degrees)
  • Diamond side edge polishing tool (Side Only: 88 and 87 degrees)
  • 7" wax scraper with hang hole
  • All Conditions Wax (180 g), biodegradable
  • Brass/Nylon Combo Brush
  • Pocket Ratchet Driver with 4 bits 4 bits (PH2, PZ3, #4 hex, #6 flat) and a 8-, 10-mm wrench

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